Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Dog Breed’s Introduction

“Lion dog” is that the Chinese translation for Shih Tzu. it’s additionally labelled as “chrysanthemum-faced dog” due to its chrysanthemum-like face. several believed that Shih Tzu originated from Asian country. These dogs were exported as gifts to Chinese emperors. They got by Grand Lamas as tributes to the Chinese Imperial Court. it absolutely was the eunuchs of the widow Emperor Cixi World Health Organization started mercantilism a number of the palace’s dog to flush Chinese alternative people and folks} from other countries. it absolutely was believed that these dogs were fed with broken glass to stop the dogs from going out of the Imperial Palace. thanks to the broken glass, these dogs died before reaching their destinations. Cixi’s death in 1908 terminated AN era for the Shih Tzu. however some personal people were still breeding the same dog. As of nowadays, the origin of Shih Tzu will solely be copied to seven dogs and 7 bitches within which a Pekingese dog, bush Suti-T’su, was enclosed. Philahelphus Suti-T’su was a black and white purebred Pekingese dog brought into England by Miss Elfreda Evans of Elfann Kennel in 1952. She mated the dog with a Shih Tzu bitch. throughout that point, solely the fourth generation from this outcross will be registered as purebred. Other foundation dogs include 3 Shih Tzu that were foreign from China to England, six foreign to nice Britain and 3 into Scandinavian country. Gen. Sir Stephen A. Douglas and woman Brownrigg dropped at England a black and white bitch (Shu-ssa) and dog (Hibou) in 1930. it absolutely was additionally throughout that very same year once Ms. E.M. Robert Maynard Hutchins foreign a black and white dog (Lung-fu-ssu) to eire. While Mrs. Henrik Kauffman foreign Aidzo, a black and white dog, into Scandinavian country in 1932. She additionally foreign Leidza, a solid gold bitch, that was the sole Shih Tzu from the Imperial Palace noted to possess contributed to today’s Shih Tzu. Another black and white bitch that was foreign by Mrs. Kaufmann was Schauder. Walter Ekman, referred to as the primary stock raiser of Shih Tzu in Scandinavian country, foreign a Shih Tzu (name unknown) in 1934. A liver bitch (Tashi of Chouette) was foreign in 1938 from North American country into England by Rt. Hon. The peer of county. Lt. Gen. Telfer-Smollett, Lord of Lieutenant of Dunbartonshire, foreign Ming, a black and white bitch, from China into England. He additionally foreign Ishuh Tzu, a grey brinded and white bitch, in 1948. A solid gold or fawn dog named Wuffles was brought into England in 1948 by man.

Health of Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Dog Breed’s Health

Shih Tzu’s area unit unremarkably terribly amorous and luxuriate in payment variant cuddle time with their pet folks. These very little pups typically relish physiological condition and a protracted lifetime of between ten and sixteen years. However, Shih Tzu health issues do exist—including disease, ear issues and back pain. To be clear, Shih Tzu’s from accountable breeders tend to be strong, however pet folks ought to still be experienced common Shih Tzu health issues. This way, they’ll get on the lookout for early symptoms and make sure that any medical problems area unit addressed as quickly as potential. an excellent thanks to stick with it prime of your dog’s health is to schedule yearly health checkups together with your vet. Petco offers a spread of veterinary services, together with full-service hospitals and vaccination clinics. Diseases common in shih Tzu are given below:
~Patella Luxation. This health concern is common in many toy dog breeds
~ Joint problems. Hip Dysplasia.
~Eye problems. Cataracts
~ Hypothyroidism

Shih Tzu’s Healthy Diet

Shih Tzu Dog Breed’s Healthy Diet

ORIJEN Dry dog meal

The ORIJEN Dry dog meals is made absolutely grain unfastened on your Shih tzu with a touchy belly or allergies. All ingredients used are made actual and healthy, no synthetic flavoring or preservatives. This food is vastly packed with protein, 85 percentage of the food is fine animal ingredients. Grain loose is first rate for dogs with allergies or touchy stomachs All natural canine food lowers the hazard of allergies on your domestic dog Nutrient dense meals, protein in mass quantities.

Shih Tzu Dog Breed’s Healthy Diet ORIJEN Dry dog meal


The Purina One smart combo Dry canine meals is made with the best fine of protein, with real chook as the main element, to your Shih tzus. The kibbles are meaty and nutrient dense, making for a fantastic all round every day canine weight loss plan. The elements are picked to be relatively digestible to your puppy. real chook makes for the very best protein in the canine meals Kibbles contain mass amounts of vitamins that your canine desires to stay sturdy All components are picked for his or her diverse fitness blessings.

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