African Grey parrot( Most Intelligent Bird Species)

Personality & breed information

The African gray parrot is one in every of the foremost gifted talking/ mimicking birds on the earth, giving it quite name among bird enthusiasts. Not solely do bird keepers love this intelligent bird, it’s one in every of the foremost recognizable species to bird novices additionally — everybody is aware of the African gray parrot. This parrot is one in every of the oldest psittacine species unbroken by humans, with records of the bird qualitative analysis back to biblical times. unostentatious beauty and a brilliant direct perspective square measure what keep this parrot at the height of recognition.

Care & Cage

African Grey Parrot Care & Cage

The African gray could be a medium- to large-sized parrot that desires adequate room. Minimum cage size ought to have a 2-foot by 2-foot footprint and three feet tall. Larger cages ar desirable. Without lots of interaction and coaching, associate African gray parrot might become depressed and exhibit self-mutilating behaviors, like feather-plucking. These birds thrive after they have several opportunities for taking part in with toys, interacting with their house owners, and learning words and tricks. Expect to pay many hours daily interacting with and coaching your African gray. many homeowners report that African greys fancy having tv or radio enjoying after they ar left alone. African greys are aforementioned to be somewhat sensitive and simply suffering from stress and commotion. they’ll be a lot of relaxed if the cage is placed in a very quiet corner of the area instead of within the center.

Care & Feeding

African Grey Parrot Care & Cage

A cockatiel wants a cage spacious enough to accommodate multiple perches, toys, food bowls and have lots of space to flap its wings while not touching them against something. A cage with an outsized door front is right as a result of it makes it easier to come a cockatiel to its cage, particularly since cockatiels will be flighty birds. Cockatiels square measure natural ground foragers and can forage on very cheap of the cage if given the opportunity; cowl the cage floor with newspaper and sprinkle broken treats or millet sprinkle seed for your cockatiel to search out. Cockatiels square measure social birds and thrive once given opportunities to move with you, whether or not it’s gently stimulation their cheek feathers, being talked to or just being within the same space as you. A healthy cockatiel diet includes commercially balanced diets, like Lafeber Premium Daily Diet Pellets, moreover as alternative food, recent vegetables and a few seed. A well-cared-for cockatiel will live for over twenty years.

Proper feeding schedule

Develop a feeding schedule. once you’re coaching your hyacinth parrot, It’s useful to own a daily feeding schedule. Being slightly hungry can support your bird’s interest within the coaching activities. If you’re out there to feed your bird three meals per day, have interaction in coaching sessions simply before every meal. If your schedule doesn’t allow lunch period feedings, then a pair of meals per day can serve. Snacks also will delight your bird, and it’s an excellent time to urge your bird accustomed feeding from your hand. offer her special treats of crackers, carrots, or items of coconut from your vacant hands. Snacking is additionally a decent thanks to bond along with your bird, and might be incorporated into coaching exercises. If your bird is fearful or cautious around you, providing snacks could be a great way to encourage and develop trust.

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